A few weeks ago, I was showing homes to buyers who were dream buyers (pre-approved, did not need to sell a home, ready to go).  Their check book was in their hot hands and they were ready for a home buying adventure. Some lucky seller was going to score a sale that weekend! Unfortunately, one listing we encountered was a miss.  

 Out of the 8 homes the buyers chose to see was listed with an"mom and pop" broker...the kind of guy who thinks the key to success in real estate is to discount his services and then cuts every corner imaginable on marketing and service.  

How could I tell? I set all appointments to see the house through the showing service that 99% of the market uses...but not that one.  BecauseMr. Mom and Pop Broker doesn’t want to pay for the service.  So, I called him...and...he didn't call me back.  Really?  It's tough to get a buyer to write an offer on a home they can't see.   

So, I called again the next day, that time he answered.  Oh happy day.  Mr. Mom and Pop Broker confirmed the showing and I asked him to send me the disclosures on the property(He had not taken the time to link them in the listing like most brokers do).  He couldn't send them because he was headed out of town, and he doesn't have an office (aka no administrative support). But he promised he'd send them that evening. 

He also had listed the home as being sold in 'as-is' condition. That's a huge red flag to a realtor that something is majorly wrong...distress sale, mold, big issues, you name it.  So, I asked him on the phone what was wrong with the home and why he had it listed in 'as-is' condition, he said he had no idea, it was probably a mistake.  Awesome.

These kinds of brokers are perilous, but sellers probably think they got a deal because of the discounted commission.  They might have a 'full time job' and will say don't send me an offer when I'm at work, I can't check my email or use the phone. Really??? Does his seller know that???  Is selling someone's home not work???   

We got to the property and I was shocked. It was much prettier than his awful photo which he had probably taken with a camera phone.  In fact, his front picture had half of the picture taken up by the street, which was dirty and cracked.  Honestly, the photo looked kind of ghetto...which it definitely wasn't.  The home was much prettier in person and the curb appeal was much better than we anticipated.  I was feeling hopeful...then we got inside.  

Cropped to protect seller's idenity(Cropped to protect seller's identity)

The inside was cluttered and sort of dirty.  It didn't feel welcoming and it was difficult to see around all the 'stuff'.  ClearlyMr. Mom and Pop Broker had spent NOOOO time advising his clients what to do to get ready to go to market.  Unfortunate. It could have been a great house. Clearly, the seller wasn't ready and neither was the realtor.

They'll never know though...because there was no follow up fromMr. Mom and Pop Broker.  Those seller's disclosures I asked for that morning?  He never emailed them.  Since he doesn't use a showing service there was no automatic request for feedback.  I waited to see if he'd reach out to ask me for feedback, after all, he had my contact information.  But no....nothing.  

My buyers?  We found a great house...we wrote and offer and got it under contract.  That listing of Mr. Mom and Pop Broker? The pictures are still awful, and it's still listed in 'as-is' condition...  And the poor sellers probably have no clue why it took so long to sell...but think they're saving money listing with Mr.Mom and Pop Broker.

Homes don't sell themselves. A good list agent who is a strong marketer and negotiator is worth every penny.  As a home owner, the decision is yours... Do you want to list your home or do you want to sell it?